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Customer Support Networks improves your bottom line, while providing world class support for your customers.

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Benefits of SupportCLOUD


    24/7 Customer Support

With a fully trained professional support team available on-demand, every customer issue, complaint or question gets handled efficiently and with great care. Be assured your support team has things covered. Fast, responsive agents ensure your customers are happy.


        Increase Profit

Sending online visitors pro-active chat messages, can make your visitors feel important and convert them into paying customers. Solve problems or answer questions right away. We include all management, training and quality reports at no extra charge.


        Lead Capture

We offer many ways to stimulate a visitor to provide contact information, such as offering a first time buyer discounts. Engage your site visitors with an active CHAT and live agents!


       Lowers Costs

Staffing, building and training a customer support division is a very daungting and costly endeavour. Outsourcing means you can quickly scale up or down and pay for only what you use without the management nightmare.




Reputation Management

Sites like Facebook, Linked-In and Twitter are open sounding boards for the disgruntled. Get with the complaining customer directly as it unfolds and create a top social media advocate for your brand.


Improve your online customer support, and bottom line with SupportCLOUD

A fully Staffed Live Chat is your website's 24/7 customer support and is helping business owners to reduce cost, save time, and increase productivity. It's not just software, it's also live operators, community moderation experts, social media warriors; all dedicated to your business and interacting with your customers in REAL TIME !

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